How does Job Seekers Allowance work?

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CheekyChops | 12:49 Wed 11th Mar 2009 | Jobs & Education
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I'm wondering if anyone on here knows how contribution based JSA works?

- According to their website, you may be able to work up to 16 hours per week whilst claiming JSA.

- I've read else where that any money you do earn will be taken from your JSA pound for pound.

As minimum wage is �5.73, if you worked 15 hours per week you would earn �85.95 which is �25 more than JSA (�60.50). How does that work?

Basically I am enquiring as I have recently been made redundant from my full-time job. The possible problem is that I also have a part-time evening job for 11 hours per week (and have had for 9 years).

I am unsure whether I can claim JSA or not. If I can then this means that I can claim on my mortgage protection insurance and at least not have to worry about my mortgage whilst looking for another job.

If my part-time job means I can't claim JSA then I can't claim on my mortgage insurance and my wages of �50 per week certainly won't cover it!!


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I tried that but couldn't get through plus it is difficult to discuss it as I am still at work (or 2 more weeks), I was just wondering if anyone here knew.

I will have to wait until Friday afternoon when I finish early and call then.
You can get JSA as long as you are not in what is called remunerative employment which means employment of sixteen hours or more each week. As you are working eleven hours, you can claim it. The allowance for a single person aged twenty-five or over is currently �60.50 per week.

The same sixteen hour limit applies to income based JSA and with that you can claim for a dependent and receive �94.95 per week. There are additions called premiums for those wi a disability or family for example which increases the basic amount. For these cases a claimant can keep the first �10 or �20 of earnings dependent on their circumstances and the benefit is reduced by the amount above that particular amount

You are correct in what you say about the National Minimum Wage and just under the sixteen hours would be �91 odd but only �86.odd would be taken as income. That exceeds the amount you will get but for those getting Income Based JSA (which you may qualify for in six months� time) it may be less than their JSA entitlement.

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How does Job Seekers Allowance work?

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