Resigning & Receiving bonus payment

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Furner | 14:36 Tue 11th Nov 2008 | Jobs & Education
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I am currently on a bonus scheme which is profit related, I recieved a letter giving me their expectations for me to recieve my bonus of which I have achieved. I recieved a bonus last year which was paid towards the end of february. My question is that I am hoping to get offered another job and if so I would need to resign around the middle of December to give 4 weeks notice and start my new job the middle of Jan 2009, so if I resigned before the bonus payment was made would I still be entitled to recieve it if I had worked for them throughout the whole period in which the bonus is calculated or could they refuse to pay it?


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I was in a similar position earlier this year, my company paid me a proportion of the bonus based on working for less than the full year. I don't think there was any particular obligation to do this but they were a good company, I assume it will be a question you need to ask your employer but I don't think they are obliged to pay you anything.
I should discuss this with your employer before the word 'resignation' even enters your lips. If you believe you are valued you could try and negotiate for part of your bonus if you left early (before annual bonus payment time).
Unless there are specific terms in your employment documentation that describes what happens, I reckon most employers would seek to deny you the payment.
Unless otherwise stated in your contract they can do anything they like. A lot of places say that you have to be in their employment at the time of bonuses to recieve one.

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Resigning & Receiving bonus payment

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