Wrong career move. What options do you think I have?

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Neya | 21:48 Sun 09th Mar 2008 | Jobs & Education
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I am a Personal Assistant to a Manager&Consultant in an Executive Search firm - hired as a Receptionist first
I accepted these low positions because of my huge drive to become an HR consultant. Motivation: I spent my last 16 years in listening to people, understanding their problems and helping them on personal and relational issues; I gathered huge knowledge on people and developed a very fine nose; I would be very good at interviewing and assessing companies' needs; I want to use my knowledge and skills on a broader level and get recognition and money on doing that.
Background: no HR experience or studies; 6 � years working with clients; I'm 30 y.o.

The problem is that I have the skills for being a recruiter or even a junior consultant for small accounts, but I have nothing in my CV to reccomend me for the job. That is why I accepted to start on a very low position, hoping that I will develop pretty fast and get progressively more knowledge and responsibilities.
Unfortunately, I was promoted as a PA, which in reality is a secretary job. I work aprox. 11 hours/day and feel that I learn nothing cause I basically do only administrative tasks.
My company is pretty rigid, my boss has no ears for his people and expects me to stay for about 3 years on this position cause he doesn't like to change assistants.
I see three chances:
- to remain on this positin and wait and hope that one day my situation will improve cause my boss will trust me enough
- to start going to interviews but I can barely leave the office (only if I say I must go to the doctor) Also, the company that I work for is the best in the market � would it be good to leave it for a lower company but perhaps a better position?
- to ask for a different position in the company � a junior researcher position. The problem with this alternative is that my boss might get upset on me


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Have you thought about evening classes to gain some HR qualifications ?
Your local college will almost certainly have them. You might even be able to persuade your employer to fund you.
Have a look at the website of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

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Wrong career move. What options do you think I have?

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