how do i start working on adult chat lines

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rose2008 | 00:49 Tue 19th Feb 2008 | Jobs & Education
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can anyone help me? how can you get a job on adult chat lines. iv been searchin but coming up with all sorts. does anyone know of a genuine company that doesnt rip you off ? i need some work i can do at home and on my own terms because iv got a busy homelife but need extra cash.appreciate any help,thanks


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I don't know, but I know someone who did it, and her friends and family became very irate when they ended up with huge phone bills if she forgot to key in a special number to allow normal-rate calls to get through!
Please dont do it u will earn nuffin i did it and wish i didnt there was no money commin in i was working every night 7-12 and earned 11 pound
find a telesales job you can do from home. i did it when i had a broken back a couple of years ago. my boss paid my broadband and phone bill. i made appts for him and i earned a fortune. try your local press for telesales jobs.

good luck. katie. lancashire.
If you really want to do that, look on Gumtree. They always have ads like that on there. It doesn't look like you'd make much money but check it out
i work 4 a goood chatline company i get �6 2 �9 a hr i do about 8 hrs a day been doing it now 4 6 mths u can make money at it if u r willing 2 put the hrs in and u r very opened minded the girl who said she got just got �11 4 all her long hrs couldnt have been doing her job right u have 2 put the right add on been friendly and sexy and build up ur regular callers then u get mre money go 4 it it pays well
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i own a few chatlines my girls get paid very well but they put in the hours aswell i would give you a go but at the minute only looking for experienced girls who are actually working chatlines
I was wondering could you tell what chat line you are working for, i would love to give it a go i might not have experience but i got the chat and know i can do it
Hello there, I am experienced and have been working on a chatline for a year but want to change employer, so availiable for work.
Rose2008, just ring up about a few there are good ones out there but make sure you always read the small print before commiting!

� girl or young woman
� age over 18 to 35 years old
� PC or Laptop (ADSL or cable internet connection)
� good quality USB webcam
� nice smile


� work from your home
� flexible work schedule
� automatic translation
� monthly contest for the best model (winners prize is 100US � 2500US)
� Paid Monthly!!!-view your earnings online 24/7 !!!

email me please for more information.
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@DI - Comms are you recruiting at the moment. if you could get back to me if you are. thanks
camhomejob--why only women up to 35 years old? I know for a fact some men like older women, and isn't that "age discrimination"?
I agree just coz your over 40 shouldn't be descriminated we are more experiencend than younger women and no a tad more bout sex and men

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how do i start working on adult chat lines

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