compulsary gcse subjects

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nix-j-c | 23:00 Thu 15th Nov 2007 | Jobs & Education
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at our school for gcse your have to do at least double science, english(lit +lan), maths ICT and a technology. i don't know if we have to do a technology because it a specialist tech. scool or if all schools do? another high scool a few miles down the road is a specialist business school so does this mean they have to take busines studies?
so what im asking is if we only have to do a tech because we'r a tech scool or does every1 hav to do a tech in the country and if a specialist business school has to do business studies?


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You are having to do a tech subject because you are a tech college. Tech stopped being a compulsary GCSE 4/5 years ago. Not sure if a business school would do the same.
It is also your schools decision to make double science, eng lit and ict compulsory
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ok but i'm still woundering about the business school because tech theres six diferent techs you can take and ict can be used a lot
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umm o yh. but english, math and science r statutory but is double science only maditory in r school or does every1 do duble science? and tech is more usefull but if u dont wana start a business or work in a bsines then busines studies is useless to you
everybody does double science now...and you have to pick a technology our options for tech were...child developemt, graphics, woodwork and a few others
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r techs r, product design, resistant materials, food, textiles, some arty thing, an sumthin else i cant remember

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compulsary gcse subjects

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