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fakename | 17:00 Mon 22nd Oct 2007 | Jobs & Education
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I have been called to interview for a junior web design post for a fairly large supermarket chain. I am really nervous as I have just graduated university don't have much interview experience.and am hoping some of you could help me. I was wondering if anyone knew things like a general idea of the questions that they would ask or anything that I should definitely say or not say etc.
Hopefully some of you could give me an idea because I'm really nervous.


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First of all, try to relax! The people interviewing you are humans! Make sure that you've read the job profile thoroughly, and understand what is expected of the role. Research the organisation (so easy these days with the internet!) because that will give you confidence to hold your own. Be as honest as you can with your answers, because if you have to lie to get the job, then its not for you anyway! Be ready with examples (if its a role within a team, tell them a success story from a joint project from uni - that kind of thing)
Above all though, remember that they just want to get to know you - and if you are still nervous, tell them! It can be quite endearing.
Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

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Design interview help please

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