How long do I wait?

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suzy64 | 17:06 Thu 27th Sep 2007 | Jobs & Education
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I had a job interview last Friday...the woman that interviewed me said she would let me know one way or the other early this week, early to me is Mon-Weds, do I take it i've been unsuccessful?


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Contact them.

At least it will put your mind at ease.
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and that doesn't look like I'm desperate? Lol, I'd like the job, I have gone to pick the phone up quite a few times today and then, they'll ring lol....ah here goes nothing!
no suzy contact them. I find companies are notoriously terrible for this kind of thing; they do seem to forget the people that are important so easily.
It could well be you get the job; they will probably be completing all the interviews and wrapping things up. I would call after 4 tomorrow, be persistant as that 'limbo' place is a rotten place to be I know.
You won't sound desperate, just keen. Good luck, fingers crossed.
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she's been in meetings all week, and hasn't made a, ok laurence so maybe you were right...still don't know the outcome but at least it still might be yes...fingers and toes crossed please! :o)
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and thank you sunflower :o)

it dosen't look like your desperate.

It makes you look keen.

Have you thought for one moment that they were trying to see how keen you might be, i'm not saying they are adopting this approach, but sillier things have happened.

It will eat away at you until you know so,

pick the phone up.

And good luck
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She's going to ring me tomorrow, I may be grey or completely hairless by then lol, it's only part time but it's quite a big deal to me after not having worked for 10 years lol....if the whole of AB could cross everything please! :o)
Irrelavant to it being part-time suzy.

Look at the bigger picture, ie one gets foot in the door, next thing full time and possibly promotion etc etc. lol

Good luck and let us know
Aw suzy don't worry you sound like a nice person to employ.
Just a thought, just in case you are disappointed tomorro, as you have got the ball rolling on the job front by applying, why not pick up a job paper tonight and have a search to keep your mind occupied.
That way you will know there are plenty of other opportunities for you, just in case.
It must be hard getting back on the old jobhunt after 10years but I would hate for you to lose your confidence if you don't get this one. Sorry, I like to always have a back up on the go. Sure you will be fine. x
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You two are so nice!! If one of you could interview me next time please lol...I do work part time now, took the 1st thing that came up when I started looking again and I hate it, seemed like a good idea at the time, been there 7 months and just know it's not for me....oh well, here's hoping for good news tomorrow, thank you both again for all your kind words :o)
At least you realise that you want to move on {not happy}.

To many people these days are just happy to prod along no matter how unhappy they are, job satisfaction seems to get looked over this day and age, tho i do understand that the ''pay'' plays a major part for some.

Best of luck again suzy
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the thing is as well it's the easiest job in the world, I sit on my rear for 8 hours a night on my own, doing not much, the odd check in, the odd phone call and they pay me to do this lol, I need something a little more stimulating, I may be over 40 but my mind's not dead yet lol
Good for you suzy.

I'm 46 and lifes not even started yet. lol
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Good answer!!! Lol :o)
Your 43 then suzy.

Loads left in the tank yet :0)
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sssshhhhhhhhhhhh!!! don't tell everyone lol, I'm 20 with 23 years experience!!
your secret is safe with me. lol

Question Author
and the rest of AB who aren't blind lol I've forgotten all about waiting for that phone call now, thanks
Did i just hear a telephone ring?

Only messing suzy. lol
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AARGH!!! must have great hearing if it was mine lol, why isn't it tomorrow now, I NEED to know!

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