counselling with a criminal conviction?

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sherry76 | 15:38 Tue 04th Sep 2007 | Jobs & Education
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could anybody please tell me if it is possible to pursue a career in counselling with a criminal record? this was over 13 years ago and sadly affected me badly as far as jobs go.I am currently studying towards a counselleing diploma but am concerned ill be left on the shelf when I apply for a job once qualified.

thanks guys


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wouldn't it have made more sense to find out before you started an arduous course?
it will depend what thee criminal conviction is for i guess.
Can you not have a word with the college you are attending.Most colleges/universities allready ask applicants if they have any convictions.

As bednobs says it depends on your convictions.For a normal CRB check "spent" convictions may not be an issue. But if you intend to work with children or vulnerable people you will have to undergo an enhanced CRB check and this will uncover all your previous record .
It depends what the conviction is, if it is anything of a sexual or assault nature, you are unlikely to pass an employer's disclosure check.

Don't know where you are but this is the link to disclosure scotland, it may have the answer about your specisifc offence.

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counselling with a criminal conviction?

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