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unruliejulie | 09:36 Mon 04th Jun 2007 | Jobs & Education
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My son has just gone off to do his first days work lol on his work experience fortnight. He's with his Dads building firm the job he hopes to persue when he leaves school.. What did you do for yours and did it have any bearing whatsoever on your future job?


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we didnt do work experience until 6th Form.

I wanted to be an accountant and my best friend wanted to work in the aerospace industry. the college managed to get us both a weeks experience at British Aerospace.

I am now a director in family firm which does actually make parts for the aerospace industry as part of its work, although that was not as a result of anything i learnt at my work experience, and my friend works in the food industry.
i did mine as a teachers assistant in a primary school, just made me more determined never to work with or have kids!
My sons work exp was helping the greenkeeper at a localish golf course. Enjoyed being outside loafing and larking. He and other lad particularly enjoyed irritating the guy sorting moles out. Mole hills poked with a stick and something poured in I think but lads just used to make little heaps of soil so guy would get really cross looking for non existent hole! He has had 3 jobs, is now back painting/decrting with his Dad and has never muttered the words 'golf', 'grass' or 'mole' to this day.

My work experience (35 yrs ago) was in an office. I was at a desk in very large office for 2 weeks looking at some absent lady's kids photos. On my last day her husband came in and it was my cousin!

Class mate of mine (could be a bit snooty) went catering. Back at school all we asked if she liked it and she said 'no and I shant be doing that ' Went into retail.
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I worked in a local mental hospital for work experience over a period of 2 years whilst at school, I always intended to work in a mental hospital on leaving school but took on a job as a monumental mason until I was 18 to go into nursing as a student, 18 being minimum age. Well I enjoyed the masonry work so I stuck with that. I am now 49 and just gone into the care field in a residential home, I wish I had now done it as a youth, its the most enjoyable and rewarding work I have ever done!!

The most poorly paid as well!!
A group of us were sent (no personal choice) to Elstree Studios. Excited, we thought we were going to be used as extras on the latest Timothy Dalton James Bond movie or some cool TV show.

No such luck, we were filling out envelopes for some mail shot and the only star we saw was Tony Hadlee from Spany Bandy, who we all thought was a homosexual (it mattered when you are 15!)

Slave labour if you asked me, as as my career was mapped out for me before I was born, it had no bearing whatsoever.
I did one week in Dorothy Perkins which was amusing though nothing like what I do now (it was a last minute arrangement done by my school when they realised me and my friend hadn't bothered arranging anything) and then I did 1 week in a theatre which was a real disappointment because rather than realising my talents and insisting I get straight to the stage to take their starring role they had me cleaning out filthy fridges and the like instead. Stardom never beckoned after that sadly.
I wanted to be a music teacher and did 2 weeks work experience at a local middle school when i was in the 6th Form, straight after the 2 weeks I was Iolanthe in my school production of the same name and the class I had "taught" for the previous 2 weeks were sitting in the front row on first afternoon matinee and heckled me all the way through...little sh1tes.

Now a Finance Director, still sing and would still love to teach (but privately)
I was placed in Crosby Doors' computer department. 5 days of inputting door frame measurements into a system that didn't impress me one iota. Was also given a 1000 page printout of the system's BASIC program. Still, learnt that mornings weren't for me and that any future employment must be of the flexi-time variety.
'Morning, Jules, hun!

Awww, was he excited?

I was given a place at a BP Petrol Station! The only thing I was actually old enough to do was stack the shelves! I did take advantage of the massive boxes of Pick 'n' Mix in the stock room, though. Ahem! :o)

I must've been alright, however, as I got a card, a bunch of flowers and a Saturday job out of it on my last day, that I stayed at for about six months.

Hope you had a lovely weekend, hun. x
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Good morning WS,

the thing you need to realise about my 15 year old son is that he shows very little excitement for anything lol I think the thought of it was just slightly preferential to going to school for the next 2 weeks! Mind you, im hoping that once hes had a taste of it, he'll really enjoy it.

My works experience was in the local Gateway ,now somerfield, supermarket, (i set my sights high back then lol) I loved it on the fruit and veg, weighting and pricing. I must say, i thoroughly enjoyed my week there, mainly because i loved meeting all the customers, so if it taught me anything, it was that i was good at working with the public..
i wanted to be a work with kids so i dont mine at a playschool . put me right of i can tell you ........... lol
Hmmm, i worked in a factory. I dont think it had any bearing on what my future job would be. I just saw it as a thing to do whilst at school. I enjoyed it , because the people were good to work with.
I dont think it would matter where he went for his experience as his first job will more than likely last for a very long time. Its all the same money no matter what job you do.
Once he has the money rolling in, he wont care what job he does until he gets to about 30.
I went to a big hotel where I lived & polished lots of knives forks & spoons...folded napkins for weddings in fan shapes. Made & served tea for conferences with letchy old men. Found out they put dye in almost all the food served.
It had noting to do with what I wanted to do because I didnt know & still dont 20 years on.
Hi Julie!
I went to a newspaper office and kinda learned the ropes on the editorial side of things 'cos i want to be a journalist and they give me a glowing report which should hold me in good stead for my career as a journalist! xx

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