Think of something random.

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tlcw | 22:02 Thu 26th Apr 2007 | Jobs & Education
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Help! I need to think of something to talk about for 5minutes for an english assignment it should be original but interesting, something no-one else would think of. Any ideas?


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50 things to do in a shopping mall.......

1 - fill up a trolly to the full and leave it strategically so that it causes everyone to become annoid.
2 - see how many people you can get to duel with you with tubs of wrapping paper. star wars style....
talk about the job u really wanna do and why. that would be interesting....

go on i dare you....

last 5 mins on paperclips HAHAHAH
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lol that would be a nightmare in front of 30 rowdy fourteen year olds... the job would be good if i knew which job i wanted to do..........
talk about a favourite film , actor , or subject like titanic , mary celeste etc
how about ur favourite game


@[email protected] ... hint hint
how about talking about song lyrics
Why not talk about the usefulness (or otherwise) of the Internet as a source of advice? Is it trustworthy? Do people treat serious questions with due respect or are there too many 'trolls' about?

For inspiration, simply look through the answers you're getting here and then look elsewhere on AB ;-)

yes my daughter chose fox hunting for her GCSE and got top grade for stiring up good discussion afterwards

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Think of something random.

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