how much do painters get paid?

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branchinghen | 12:38 Fri 20th Apr 2007 | Jobs & Education
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Not how much do we pay their bosses to do the job but how much does a time served painter get paid? say for a normal 40 hour week?


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Quote from the Learn Direct website (under 'Painter & Decorator):
"New entrants earn between �13,500 and �16,500 a year.
Average salaries for qualified workers fall between �17,000 and �21,000 a year.
Decorators with supervisory duties or specialist skills can earn over �22,000 a year"

So, a rough guide figure might be around �300 to �350 p.w. However, it's likely to vary by area. Around here, in East Anglia, a skilled painter might only get �250 p.w. In London, he might get nearer to double that figure.

250 - 300 (great british pounds (i dont have a pounds sign on this keyboard)) outside londinium perhaps !
Take into account though that tradesmen often get tipped by clients for doing a fine job
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how much do painters get paid?

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