Am I entitled to Bank Holiday pay

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LouiseEO | 15:00 Thu 05th Apr 2007 | Jobs & Education
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I have had a day off before a bank holiday for persoanl reasons, am I entitled to bank holiday pay?


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Well I dont see why not its a national holiday did you take the day off as sick or A/L? I dont see any reason why you shouldn't get paid for bank holiday
You need to check your contract. In our company you cannot take a friday or monday off and then get double time for working the saturday or sunday in between
Companies are not (yet) legally obliged to pay bank holidays. However, if your contract says they do pay bank hoidays then you are legally bound to be paid.

You may not however, be paid for the day off you had before the bank holiday but again this depends on your contract. If you took the day as holiday then yes you would be paid, but if it went down as anything else (sick, emergency leave etc) then they don't have to pay.

Infact, some companies have specific policies to say they don't pay sickness or emergency leave on days preceeding bank holidays to deter employees phoning in "sick" the day before to extend their weekend.

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Am I entitled to Bank Holiday pay

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