My Employer does not pay our wages on the correct day

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geegee73 | 16:57 Tue 27th Mar 2007 | Jobs & Education
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I currently work for a small hotel but they don't seem to be able to pay us on the correct day what can I do?


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Does your contract of employment letter state when your wages will be paid, i.e. on the last working day of the month? That is normal practice.
If it's a small hotel they probably don't have a formal HR department, but I should write to the General Manager of the hotel, pointing out that their failure to pay you on the correct day is causing your financial problems in meeting your own commitments and that you expect to be paid on the last day of the working month (or whatever your contract of employment states).. It may be, of course, that the hotel has financial difficulties of its own in terms of cash flow and settling its own financial liabilities. I would ask the General Manager if this is the case. They will, of course, deny it but most small businesses in financial difficulties will juggle commitments and rob Peter to pay Paul. If the hotel hasn't been busy lately I would start looking for another job.
Most companies would keep your payday flexible in the contract of employment - just in case there's an unexpected problem and they can't pay you on a set day.

If this is happening on a regular basis then I would certainly bring it up with your management and tell them that it's inconveniencing you and that you have financial commitments to meet etc etc.
could you ask to be paid weekly? at least then you would have 3/4 of it at the end of the month

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My Employer does not pay our wages on the correct day

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