Going back to a previous employer

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Lindt21 | 14:08 Tue 27th Mar 2007 | Jobs & Education
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I currently work for a largish company woring in payroll, however I don't feel that the job is secure as they have been taken over and several sites are closing and a lot of redundancies have and are still being made.
A previous employer has contacted me (a firm of accountants) and made me an offer to go back to them. The main reason I left them was that I couldn't get on with one of the people there but that person is now leaving. I am ATT qualified so would be using my qualifiation and they are offering me �3000 more a year.
I have accepted their offer mainly due to the money and bit more job security (I dread the thought of being made redundant) however I still have my doubts that I am doing the right thing. Am I?


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It would seem that you were highly regarded at your previous company and as the main cause for your leaving will no longer be around there doesn't seem to be any obvious reason for not going back. Most people change jobs several times during their working life and if you were otherwise happy there and think they can offer you job advancement, perhaps it's better to opt for the devil you know rather than the one you don't, especially if they can offer you more short term security. In two or three years time you may well be thinking of moving on for advancement anyway, whether you moved to a different company or your old one.
Thanks for advise folks.

I am such an indecisive person and I have been agonising over this for about 6 weeks. Its so difficult as I am not unhappy where I am but the insecurity of it is very unsettling and more money is always nice (after all its why we work) however my current employer has not been able to settle me fears of being made redundant and I hear that another couple of contracts have been lost. So hopefully I have made the right decision.

Thanks again
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yes, I am both lindt21 & Pink21 but it isn't a disguise, in fact its a nuisance I don't know how I have ended up with 2 identities but would like to get rid of one if anyone can tell me how.

Would just like to let you know that I did go back to my old employer, have been back 5 months now and its going great. I'm so pleased as I was really unsure what to do but am really happy, just hope it continues to go so well.

Thanks all

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Going back to a previous employer

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