Is this written warning fair?

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*Princess* | 13:11 Fri 02nd Mar 2007 | Jobs & Education
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My Mam has just been given a written warning for abscence. She's recieved NO verbal warning and her boss has given her this written warning due to abscence from work. On 5 occasions my Mam has had a panic attack and not been able to get into work, however she has rang up to let people know she can not make it in. A few times from these 5 she's actually got into work, worked a bit and then had the panic attack and had to leave. She's recently been really ill this week and was on super strength antibiotics but she rang her boss and told her she wouldn't be in for about a week as she was so ill. She was so ill she had to get my Dad to ring in but the boss says this is unacceptable and that she should have called.

Anyway my Mam is upset at this written warning as it seems a bolt out of the blue. The boss in question has poor management skills and has 'favourites' who she lets get away with anything. My Mam is hard working and will always do favours for the boss like extra shifts or coming in earlier, just to help out, but now she feels like it's all pointless to be honest.

What can she do? Is it legal to give a written warning without having had a verbal? Can you give a written warning for something like illness? Can she in anyway get the written warning written off, as it were?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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Make sure your mum takes a witness in with her she has the right too
Make sure you mum takes a witness in she has the right to a witness
Do we have an update Princess ?
Question Author
Sorry for the delay Dave!

We have an update, my Mam's warning has been destroyed, the rest of the employee's now realise the boss is, in short, 'useless', they trust her less. Luckily they all saw my Mam was in the right.

In the end, my Mam is happy at work, her boss knows she can't mess her around unfairly and the others workers know the boss' tempermanent and are bit more wary, simply as they don't want warnings!

Plus, more importantly, my Mam feels more confident at work. Not so much that she's going to pick a fault everything her boss puts forward, but that she knows her rights and can fight for them. This whole episode has really taught her boss to be more fair, or the other workers, including my Mam, will support eachother. Basically she's a really crap boss, but if the workers do their bit and she does her bit, they all get along.

Thank You for all the help :o)
Thanks for the up date im pleased your mum is a lot happier a work.
I always like to find out what happend at the end thanks princess

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