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*ALFIE* | 20:50 Wed 31st Jan 2007 | Jobs & Education
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Does anyone know how to get rid of gaps in employment on a CV ? For example, I worked Feb'03 to July'04, then temporarily went ouf of work (which I obviously cant state on my CV) and began working Feb' 05.

How do I get rid of these employment gaps ? I have been questioned by employers and employment agencies regarding this when ever they review my CV. I always told them I was on holiday within that period. But having these gaps on CV, would it create a bad impression ?

Please help


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Why "obviously"?. If you were unemployed, say so. Try to cover the gaps and you could get caught out.... maybe they might think you have some other reason for hiding it, such as being inside or something. Or if you must lie, just say you were looking around for something suitable as a permanent job but did occasional temping of some kind.

By the way, this isn't just opinion - it was a few years back now but I used to be involved in unemployment training, running job clubs and stuff.
If you were unemployed or redundant, say so. It's far better to be honest and these days many individuals experienced brief periods of unemployment. It's nothing to be ashamed of.. If you were sacked, then that is slightly different but I don't think you should try and fiddle your employment dates because former employers, when asked for a reference, might well confirm that you were employed from e.g. Sept 03 to November 04, and a smart employer might spot the discrepancy on your CV. If you lie about this, they might have doubts about your credi bility and honesty as a future employee.
I usually fill mine in with 'voluntary work' or Domestic is the truth, i hasten to add.......
Why not mention that you helped in a business or something.

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Gaps in CV/employment

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