Forthcoming job inteview - advice needed

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mrs_overall | 19:52 Mon 18th Dec 2006 | Jobs & Education
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In early Jan I have an interview for a part time job. The salary is advertised as 'between �15K and �19K.' I have the right qualifications & experience but am wondering how (if I am lucky enough to get the job) they will work out how much they would pay me. Any advice on how I could get the max salary? I want to bring up the salary in the interview but don't want to appear rude, pushy or a know it all.


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It will depend on your qualifications and experience, but it is usual to start on the lower salary, and earn increments over the next months and years.

Is it pro rata?
As Ethel says, you will prbobably start on the lowest and work your way up to the highest over a number of years.
My advice would be not to mention the salary in the interview unless they specifically ask you what your salary expectations are. If you are offered the job you can then try to negotiate - if they want you they may be prepared to up the initial offer slightly but I agree with the others that generally the salary offered will reflect your level of skills and experience in comparison to the level required for the job.
Without specifically enquiring about salary during the interview, ask what development possibilities there are and how soon you might expect to progress. Also check whether there is a 6 months Probation period. Many companies offer this and will review your salary once this period has been satisfactorily achieved so you could legitmately ask about this process.
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many thanks for your advice folks. The salary is pro rata so the difference in the min and the max would make a hugedifference for me.

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Forthcoming job inteview - advice needed

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