Employee with B.O Problem....Help!!!

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davensal9 | 13:46 Sun 10th Dec 2006 | Jobs & Education
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I'm posting this question on here for a desperate last attempt at solving my problem! I have a super sensitive emplyee with a bad body odour problem and Im at my wits end on how I should tackle it.

I have already consulted my bosses...and unfortunately, they too are unsure! The main problem is that, although an excellent worker who continually hits targets etc, this person for some reason is in constant fear of being fired (not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that this is his first job sonce leaving uni?) and I fear me telling him will 'push him over the edge' so to speak and he'll be too embarrassed to come back into work.

Has anyone else experienced this problem...and if so, any advice?? I just think it's a shame that it's got to the point where his boss has to bring this issue up...and not any of his friends or girlfriend etc...



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If he's that sensitive, he won't survive. Time for action.
What about going out for a lunchtime drink with him, just the two of you, and talking about it as a friend. Let him know he's a good worker, but tell him you've noticed the BO problem and that you really want to help him if you can.

If he's already using products and is washing himself and his clothes properly etc., it could be he needs the extra help that his GP could point him to, but that he's to embarrassed to ask about (some people think that they shouldn't be troubling their GPs with 'little' things like this). Offering him support to do this, by encouraging him to seek help and being sympathetic about any time off he might need, will help him to feel more valued as a worker. You never know, if he's not under so much stress, the problem may clear up on its own.

But above all, do let him know that he's performing well in the job - it means the world to some people.
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As its now christmas you could give him a smellie kit for xmas. say it is for hitting his targets. Get one or two other colleagues similar things. he will know he smells especially if he is young. it could be a lack of money for new clothes/smellies.
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thank you all so much for your suggestions...a christmas deoderant/aftershave gift is looking most favourable at the min...

It's just nice to be reassured a little that I'm not being totally mean by having a word with him!
Perhaps his BP problem is partly caused by sweating caused by nervousness about performing well in his first job. Maybe he got sacked from a vacation job and this has made him over anxious. Take him quietly on one side, tell him you're pleased with his performance but want to give him some personal feedback before anybody else notices or comments about it. Ask him what deodorant he uses and suggest that it might not be strong enough if he's a heavy sweater, so he might want to consider keeping a can in his desk so that he can re-apply it during the day. He may be one of these guys who thinks it's "sissy" to use toiletries but I'm sure once somebody gives him the hint, he'll get the message.

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Employee with B.O Problem....Help!!!

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