Should I stay at home and try to fix my education...or move out??

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Willow22 | 20:18 Sun 12th Nov 2006 | Jobs & Education
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i fell in love with this boy in primary school...when it came to high school he got sent to a private all-boy's school and I got sent to the localcomprehensive. I despaired and panicked. I became I hadn't even let myself think about what would happen when it came to high school. I messed upmy education. I was also suffering from severe neglect at home only was too scared to say anything. I missed 4 years of high school.then when i turned 16 and got G grades in my GCSEs (apart from in English) no-one really helped me.....and i sat at home till i am now 18. I'm REALLY scared parenst still don't look after me. I am now in a situation where it is likely that I will bump into/meet Skye again(the boy) and that he may even have been looking for me. what should I do? I feel sick. I still love him but I couldn't BEAR for him to see me like this. I feel like committing suicide.

Should I stay at home and try to fix my education? If i do then if I ever met Skye again in the future (which is likely) and I tell him that the reason I couldn't go to school , one of the reasons was because I was being neglected...he won't believe me since he'll wonder why I chose to stay at home and fix my education. he'll wonder why I couldn't cope back then at high school....but then suddenly could cope after that.


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Sorry if I sound harsh but you keep asking the same questions.

You haven't seen this Skye for about 7 years - GET OVER HIM. How can you love someone when you are only 11 and how on earth canyou still love him? If you bump into him, just say Hi and take it from there. For all you know he could have a girlfriend now - he maybe won;t even remember you.

I think that you should run around naked. I find that it solves all my problems!!
Good idea ummmm, I think I'll join you.......
This has been bugging me for weeks now so have to ask, have you got behaivoural problems or a mental disability which causes you to write these posts?

I reckon this Skye / Ian or whatever hes called will have forgotten who you even were. If by and chance he does remember you then he wont think much if he knows that you cant remember your age (16-18 depending which post we read) and still havnt sorted out your GCSE retakes but manage to harp on about them weeke in week out on here.

If i was you I'd just avoid him and the embaressment
why haven't you been banned from this site...?? I don't understand!

The amount of people who have given you various different options as of what to do and you still ask the same damn thing.. you're lucky some people are still trying to help you...
Are you Russian by any chance?
God this gets crazier, as soon as i saw the moan about you in suggs I knew it was the same old same old jeesh
Don't wish to be rude, but are you seeking have different ages which is 18, you shouldn't be is starting...I am 32, gone thru break ups, kak job decisions, been made redundant, mother had a bad break down some years ago - I'v not been depressed...I get on with it - you have to....
your parents neglect you? You stated 2 or 3 weeks ago that your mum is dying so maybe she has more imprtant things on her mind than an attention seeking 16-18 year old.

Question Author
how dare you? it's sick to think that when a person has een abused no-one will believe them i dn't care what you think. i KNOW the truth. it's because of people like you that I'm in this situation to start with
how dare we...? we give you advice numerous times and you ignore it, posting the same question on here week after week after week.

I think you need to first off ring childline if you're being abused/neglected at home, or social services. perhaps going into care might be a better option then you won't have to deal with your mothers sickness and i'm guessing your fathers neglect.

Also like someone has said before. the fact that you've lost 2 people who were important in your life.. well that's not many seeing as you're 16/17/18, and the fact that one of them is still alive, well why don't you go to Wales and look for him if he's that important?

The fact that you're too lazy/stupid to get out and sort your life out just shows what kind of person you are.
If that is how you feel willow, then there really is no point in you keep posting on here, as we're all obviously of no use to you!
do you even know the difference between abuse and neglect?? because.. like your age, it seems you're not sure which is going on.
Your an adult you twit.....go get a job!
lol ummmm you're answers are so to the point i love it!
lol ummmm your answers are so to the point i love it!
Ok let me get this straight, you say in this post that you were sent to the local comprehensive after primary school and then say that you missed 4 years of high school but got G grades when you turned 16, so by my reckoning, you were only actually in school for about 2 years?
In another post, you say you were sent to private school and have been home educated, so when was this?
Willow, I think you've posted this question so many times now, you are forgetting what you've put in each one and tripping yourself up!!
Like I've asked before.....Do we call it high school in England?

I think she's American........White trailer trash!!!!!!
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Should I stay at home and try to fix my education...or move out??

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