PLEASE HELP!!! I have no GCSEs and my life is ruined

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Willow22 | 01:45 Mon 16th Oct 2006 | Jobs & Education
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help! I failed my GCSEs?
Hi, can anyone help. I have got myself into a very bad situation. I am 16 years old and due to missing about 4 years of school have only got G grades in my GCSEs (apart from getting a C grade in English) .I wondeed what my options are in terms of going to college? Do they have any courses for people in my situation? If so then what are they (called)? Can anyone tell me a bit about them? and what can someone progress to from these courses?
Also....I have heard they run a few random GCSE subjects (mainly English and maths) at college? please be honest...would doing GCSE courses at college be suitable for someone in my situation? If so then how many subjects and what subjects should I take? and for how long? Also I wouldn't have a clue how to put a timetable of these subjects together (how to link them) etc.... so what can I do about this??(expecially if they are at different colleges) If I got G grades in my GCSEs ....what sort of a grade do you think I'd get at the end of a few 1 yr GCSE course subjects sat at college?please be honest. and what could I progress to after the GCSE courses?
Can anyone out there help me? I feel really frightened about my future and no-one at home will help me.
Does getting G grades mean that I have no future worth living?
Or that I will never get a well-paid job?
please help!!!!!


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Firstly, stop panicking, all is not lost.
Next phone your local college and make an appointment to see someone about your optons They will put a package together to suit your needs.
There are loads of different types of courses that are available.
Not everyone leaves school, with the perfect grades to do what they want in the future.
Good luck!
If you knew if you were 16 or 18 as below might help.
If you are only get one good GCSE grade then the one you really need is English - and you got it.
College is good and quite different from school.
Otherwise if you can get a job make sure it offers training and NVQs up to level3.
16 years gone - another 50 till you can retire. You are only just starting Good Luck
Firstly try and establish areas which you are intrested in and have some natural ability in..if you missed 4 years and still managed to get a C then you evidently have some natural aptidude towards the subject. I would agree though with what rogerr is saying.

Don't fret all is not lost. Your life isnt ruined. It will be only ruined if you just roll over and do nothing. Get thee to your local college pronto!
Contact your local college, most, if not ALL colleges will run courses in your desired field, in which if you don't have the right entry requirements, you can get them along the way.

Say you wanted to do art at college, but you need 4 GCSEs at C or above to get in, then you can re-take your GCSEs at college, you have to go to seperate classes though, and I'd suggest maths as a definate, but it will all fit in with your timetable so don't worry about that.

Alternatively, design subjects such as art, sometimes they'll let you in with a portfolio to show you are able and have talent.. if that's what you want to do.

I was exactly the same as you when I got my GCSEs but once you've done a little research you'll see it's not so bad at all, and there's something for everyone!

Hope I've helped, let us know what you do :D

Lou xx
Oh, also, try contacting your local connexions, they're brilliant. have a look here: they're amazing and there's an online advisor too: =223 which you can have a one-to-one chat with, abit like msn.. and REALLY helpful!

And, have you thought about doing a modern apprenticeship? you work 4 days a week and goto college for the 5th and get paid and it's really good for learning.

Lou xx
well dont worry to much your life is not over maybe you should think about what it is you want to do in life ,many careers dont require you to have much of an education rather suitable ability and common sence has long as you have the aptitude and the drive you will do ok . try talking to an organisation such as connexions in regards to a modern apprentiship / NVQ. I will soon be starting a job earning circa �100k p/a and my grades were only slightly more impresive than yours. ! chin up
wow indie, what job will you be starting?? wanna swap with mine? ;-) lol xx
What progress have you made since the last time you asked this question? ion/Question298812.html
I know a young lad who did as well as you with his GCSEs, but all is not lost - he's now half way through an apprenticeship. I don't know what type of job you're after, or whether you're male or female, but go through the phone book and write to every company in the field that interests you, eg. electrical contractors, plumbers, hairdressers etc etc. It'll cost a bit in stamps, but could we well worth it. Also, if you don't hear from them in a couple of weeks - turn up on their doorstep and show that you're as keen as mustard. Hope this helps.
you needn't waste time and money writing to them.. well you can if you so wish, but if you goto connexions they can give you a list of all areas and companies which offer the apprenticeship. good luck!
do you mind me asking why you missed 4 years of school?
Can i ask how your parents coped when the truant police kept banging on your door? Did they just get a fine or were they sent to prison?
if Dot's right and you were playing truant then to be honest you should have thought about this before you decided to skip school.
3 years truancy according to this one loukr uestion307653.html
shes confused about her age too.
hmm.. well in that case I wouldn't bother! lol. I thought skye was a girls name too...?
Question Author
don't be so horrible to me...have you ANY idea what it feels like to be in my situation and have no GCSEs. Everyone makes mistakes you know...I'm sure you have made mistakes to. yes my parents did get social services after them. do you take pleaseure in hurting people. I would rather you didn't mae comments like that especially since my mum is terminally ill. please don't be so mean to life's bad enough already
if your mother is terminally ill then why would you basically.. deliberately send social services up her backside just so you can miss school and f**k about? you're the harsh one if you ask me.. and you need to grow up..
If your mum is terminally ill then why would you even consider leaving to move to Wales because of some boy who may or may not remember you from when you were 11?

I ask again, what have you done to sort out your education since you last asked for advice??

obviously nothing red.. if she can't even be bothered to try out any of the help given to her in the first place then what hope does she have? ... none!

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PLEASE HELP!!! I have no GCSEs and my life is ruined

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