Volunteer work.

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crowdpleeser | 11:52 Tue 03rd Oct 2006 | Jobs & Education
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I'd like to volunteer over the Christmas period. Of all the various jobs I can think of helping the homeless seems to be the most necessary at this time of year. Would anyone know how i go about it?



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HI there
Have a look through the phone book for residential units for homeless people. Alternatively day centres are more likely to need volunteers as the units will be staffed. Contact the CAB for services for homeless people in your area. The good old Salvation Army usually do something worthwhile around this time also. They should find you something to do.

Have to say I've done it and I loved every minute. Well done you!!
Another one to look out for is the Cyrenians
This site might put you in touch with a charity you could help:
Are you in (or near to) London?

The charity which brought public attention to the plight of homeless people at Christmas time was originally known as 'Crisis at Christmas'. This charity continues to work with homeless people but now extends its activities throughout the year and so has changed its name to simply 'Crisis'. However, it remains one of the key players when it comes to providing help for the homeless through its (London based) 'Crisis Open Christmas' programme. It's currently recruiting the 5000 volunteers needed to staff this year's event: pen_christmas2006.html

If you're outside of London I'll back Fee_B77's suggestion of contacting the Salvation Army. Alternatively, the largest charity for homeless people, Shelter, will probably know of Christmas activities in your area. You can find details of your local branch here:


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Volunteer work.

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