Working Alone....after robbery??

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champs66 | 20:59 Wed 23rd Aug 2006 | Jobs & Education
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I have been at my office in Ohio for almost four years, I work weekends and nights and yes alone. Last week our accounts recievable office was broke into front glass door and all laptops were stolen then two days later one of the girls vehicle windows was broken (stone, bb?). There is no security system on this building and no windows except way up in front, dumb boss has given our key to so many past employees. I sit in an office with seven safes mind you and answer the phone doing credit approvals. I emailed the Manger and the dumb assistant about my security and welfare questions and how concerned I am being a mom of three sons. She claims I said I was Okay working by myself after this incident which no one in there right mind is? She is crazy she told another girl she thinks I am setting them up by asking about my security on the e-mails and everyone tells her no one should be in here alone, that is the only way to communicate with them since there gone at 5 when I get there. On top of it Monday two large men came in Monday night when I was there which I was uneasy about. Then find out dumb boss did not even want anyone to call me after the robbery next morning, but they did not care and did to see if I was alright. This whole scenrio is just wrong and I am upset. I have been there for almost four years and they just made me kind of feel like a criminal and just don't care about my safety. sorry guys about it being long......Please advise..don't want to lose job...should I email my imfo to the human resource department???


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Any reputable, decent company will have some sort of 'open door policy' in place, enabling employees to say pretty much whatever they want without being punished for it.

If you feel at risk, then it seems only right that you contact your Human Resources Department in writing as soon as possible.

Avoid contact with your line manager. This is a waste of time as nothing will come of it.
Go through the line manager first. As Mikey says, nothing is likely to come of it. But it will be the correct protocol.

And keep written records of everything! I can't stress that too strongly. Evry complaint you make, put it in writing and take copies.

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Working Alone....after robbery??

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