What is an ONC equivalent too?

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priceyclause | 21:49 Tue 08th Aug 2006 | Jobs & Education
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Im currently in the middle of a 5 year apprenticeship. I completed my ONC in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in June.

Does anyone know what the ONC is equivalent too? e.g. X number of GCSEs (grade Y to Z). etc



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It seems ONC is equivalent to A Levels.

That is correct. an ONC is equivelant to A levels - in fact I'd say its worth more as its a more job specific course.

An HNC / HND is equates to half a degree.....ish.
It all depends when! I did ONC in 1971. It was equivalent to 3 A levels and I went to university to do an honours degree.
At that time the HNC with 3rd year endorsement was equivalent to a pass/bachelors degree.
Cant say how it stacks up now.

Firstly, you have a National Certificate not an ONC. The latter were dumped about 1970. They were difficult to pass, because there were examinations, but were quite valuable.
A National Certificate is comparable to A levels inasmuch as it is an entry qualification into Higher Education. With high UCAS points (Distinctions and Credits) you could get to University.
It is also a NVQ 3 qualification but more academic than C&G courses.

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What is an ONC equivalent too?

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