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londongirl | 13:10 Fri 19th May 2006 | Jobs & Education
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Apparently I was taxed incorrectly about 3 years ago on a 2nd job I had. I hadn't realised myself, and only discovered it when I got last months pay with a huge chunk missing. On calling the inland revenue, I found that what the reason was and apparently they had sent me a letter informing me of this. When I said I hadn't received anything, they said they'd send another out. Strangely I've yet to receive this one! The problem is, I'm in a position at the moment where I can't afford to be losing an extra �100 a month, I work 6 days a week as it is and feel shattered all the time so taking on extra work isn't an option.

Does anyone know if they would be willing to reduce the payments over a longer period of time? I have tried asking these sort of things on the phone, but I tend to get a nervous stammer and get all my words confused when talking to them! So I never get the answers I need.


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Our local caller offcie has adopted an apointmenst system now rather than the previous drop in and wait. Get yourself an appoinment if it is the same there and go and explain to them, they will be positive as they are trained to give high levels of customer service. If u have two or more jobs u should split your tax code, if u are 491 use 2000 in one and 2700 in another, then i pay less tax. it depends on what hours u work in each job.

They should be able to adjust the collection of the underpaid tax, remember, if they owed u they wouldn't be rushing to pay u back til the folloeing year and then only if you claimed it, so make sure you are not put under hardship in any recovery arrangement.

see what use am i if i can't do me sums, 4910= 2000 and 2910 sorry
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Thanks Dot, I'll make an appointment. Its just all so confusing! I'm sure I'm actually being taxed a lot more than they even stated, but I'm finding it hard to prove my point. I suppose it will help if I take in my wage slips and explain it. Yep you are very right about them paying back if they made the error! I've had bosses having to lend me money in one job because they were so slow in returning emergency tax!

take your previous years P60s with you too

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Incorrectly taxed

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