how do i get non sex escort work

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rebecca321 | 15:51 Fri 03rd Mar 2006 | Jobs & Education
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I've been paid 1500 to have sex before by men. I don't really wabnt to do it any more. does anyone know a website or how i can get in touch with a non sex escort agency. thank you


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Why don't you want to do it anymore?

is 1500 your total income for as long as you have been doning it, or is that for one bloke?
You need to do a little research...any reputable escort agency will interview you first and they will set you work you are willing to do accordingly. Not all escort agencies are based around sex, some people don't have enough time to be in a relationship and need to take someone to dinner for business meetings etc. Im a bloke and thats the sort of escorting I was doing. Free meal, good company, and get paid on top. Sex is sometimes offered, but treat it like a business and say no. Your client will already know what you are willing to offer, look like etc if you go to a good agency. Research!

What sort of man would want to be escorted by an old tom? You are hardly a likeable character are you. A little self respect will go a long way. Shame on you sinner.

Just say no
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It was 1500 for each time. It all happened by mistake really, i was looking for a non sex escort angency and thought i found one. when i went for the interview it turned out that you did have to have sex with the men. I said no, but then he offered me 1500 to sleep with him. I had been off work, unpaid for a few months with depression, can you not blame me for ******* him?

have some self respect. Yes you should blame yourself. Whether your down in the dumps or low on cash, ther e are many other things you could do to earn a little crust and keep you dignity than jumping bones with some old weezer.

If escorting is what you want to do, then by all means good luck. but the sex temptation and offerings will ALWAYS be there whether the escort agency have a NO SEX policy or not.

Hi Rebecca321, I do feel you should be aware of the law regarding your job so here is a link I hope will be of some help to you

Dear Rebecca,

I found your story quite interesting, as I am currently researching to start exactly what you describe. A no sex escort company for men that only want a beautiful girl on their arm for business dinners or parties etc. And for pretty girls who would like to be paid to keep a gentleman company on such an occasion but not sell her body!

Perhaps we could talk? I'd find it quite interesting for my research, I'd like to know a little more about the escorting world and what is generally expected, and how I might reach out to others such as yourself for recruiting.

Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you. I am

Yours Sincerely,


Read with interest your reply Rebecca. I am seeking to offer myself as accompaniament in most situations but sex is not on offer. Trying to find an agency that will support this is virtually impossible and I am worried to go into it alone.

kind regards.


ps. if we were to speak further re this - how do we actually do that?
look at this video clip seems to be a trend in the city
Have a look at this clip none sexual escort agancies seem to b a trend in cities Media URL:
Description: non sexual escorts
Hey i have been working for a company on London that provide 'Safe escorts' we are basically companians rather than an escort. I have never been sent out on a sex call.
If you want more information about the company (which is very easy to join) e-mail me a or if you feel ok going ahead and contacting them use this link the information they ask for is to verify your age, and if you decide you dont want to work for them you can ask for it to be deleted
Most escort work is "full service" and most so called "non-sex" agencies are scams trying to get you to pay registration fees without any realistic prospect of getting work. One genuine agency that seems to offer both is http://www.classyesco...rt-work-vacancies.php

Don't be conned into paying money to people who tell you what you want to hear! You should request a face to face interview and be very careful of anyone making promises on the phone and then asking for joining fees. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is!
wow sounds interesting. i think there may be agencies like that online you just need to know where to look and be cautious with the people as well. i agree with most of the comments on here- request a face to face interview and look at the paperwork as well to make sure you're getting the right deal. am gna take some notes and keep them in mind.av also been doin my own research for some part time adult work i would like to do as am attending uni and going to struggle with money- i am not getting the full loan from the govt. i have looked up other options but as far as i can see escort work seems to be the safest. so did u get paid £1500 in a go or was it the total of what the men paid you to have sex with them? i know its 50/50. some people like me have sex cos they enjoy it but when its forced then it becomes more like rape and sexual harrassment and theres no reason to tolerate that...just be safe out there. :) some of the links on here are pretty good as well.
If you are in London and looking to work as an escort then right non sexual escort agency is Try to make an application but their recruiting process is very difficult. You need minimum qualifications. Soulmate London Escorts.
<a href="">London escorts</a>
<a href="">London escorts</a>
I am extremely interested in working for a Non sex escort agency, I have been told i have potential but would never dream of selling myself for sex !!! As most agencies would require that from me. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you...
I am currently looking into escorting but would never sell myself for sex!!! I have been told i have potential, So joining a Non sex escort agency would be ideal. Most agencies require sex with clients though. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you...

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