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fakename | 15:14 Mon 27th Feb 2006 | Jobs & Education
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I am a qualified graphic designer. Give me a job.


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I'm looking for a qualified graphic designer who has some manners - sorry .....

as you sell yourself so well and your people skills are obviously second to none, come and work for me at Fakejoboffer. check us out at

If this is the best you can do you may well be qualified but you lack the imagination to be taken seriously. Try a different line of business. I hear Burger King are recruiting!
With such an eloquent manner and an accute awareness of how to skillfully communicate......I think I'll leave it unless you want to clean my toilet?
Not an ads page here. Go do some searches on the net for this type of job. I guarantee you will find plenty of opportunities.
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Cheers CT, at least you had something constructive to say. For the rest of you, LIGHTEN UP. It was a joke, ok?

Well done fakename, upset nearly as many as I Can - they are so [edited by AB]

If you want to talk about setting up some websites please mail me [email protected]

Otherwise, best of luck.

i know fakename, i joked back... (the offer still stands though...)

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