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mimi999999999 | 04:04 Fri 03rd Jun 2022 | Jobs & Education
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Okay so I need help. One thing you should know about me is that I worry A LOT.

Today I had a science exam, and science is my WORST subject. I don’t understand not ONE thing in science. So we had to take a final exam, and since I didn’t want to fail, I cheated on the exam. I walked out of the testing room feeling good about myself only to come home to an email from the principal talking about cheating on the test and how I have to retake it.

This is already my third offense, and they say that it will be put on my record or something like that so colleges will see. I’m still in highschool though. Is this really going to be put on my record or are the teachers just trying to scare me?


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I think you’re lucky to have a third chance. It will go on your record but not for cheating if you’ve being given the extra chance. Put the phone or whatever aside and try learning something that’s not on social media, you may impress yourself knowing more than you think you do.
Never feel good about cheating.
It will reveal the truth one day.
You will have a bad reputation will get known more for it.
This sounds like an internal exam. Are you in uk. If your in uk it only matters if your caught cheating in a public exam like gcse where you'll be disqualified
"Internal exam"? That would be biology, Bobbin, surely :-)
Haha Ken.
Principal and offense makes me think your in usa. Not sure whether they have national exams like gcse's. If they do then your school internal exams won't be recorded and schoolwork put it on references. Theresno benefit in cheating if your that bad.youdprobably fail if you were given the paper the night before the exam or sneaked in your textbooks and laptop
'School won't 'not 'schoolwork'

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