Can I Get Sacked For Making A Anonymous Complaint?

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number1barber | 12:40 Thu 26th May 2022 | Jobs & Education
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Cleaners installed equipment found from a electrical bin ie a microwave toaster kettle and broken extension lead in a cupboard at work which is full of toilet roll. They wrapped the smoke detector up to prevent it going off.

I emailed their company asking them to have a quiet word and get it fixed. i didn't give my details except a email address not linked to me. I got no reply
Today my manager sends me a email asking if it was me and includes a email from my area manager which shows the email i sent in full. Area manager says the person clearly wants to remain anonymous but if the person comes forward he can discuss the issue with them.
I say its not me and that if the person wants to remain anonymous they shouldn't be sending the email around to everyone. I didn't email the area manager as the email I sent to the company about the issue explained the issue.

I have no idea why the cleaning company did not deal with the issue by telling the cleaners to remove the stuff instead of choosing to send my email to the building manager who then sent it to my manager. Should i say it was me?
Can i get in trouble for writing the email to the cleaning company and not to the building manager. i would rather not be sacked or burnt to death because they put faulty equipment in a cupboard full of toilet roll and covered the smokehead. I didnt speak to the cleaners direct as i dont speak spanish and they always walk off when you try to talk to them


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Have they done anything about it?
Question Author
No idea I got the email today and haven't been in yet as its my days off. I assume they would have removed all the stuff and the covering on the smokehead
As long as you remain anonymous, how can they sack you?
Then I’d suggest leaving any action on your part until you can verify whether the dangerous situation has been remedied. If it hasn’t then I’d be going staring to my Union and/or Human Resources (if your company has such a department). I certainly wouldn’t be admitting to sending the whistleblower email.
Straight. Not ‘staring’
Why did you not raise the issue with your line manager instead of contacting the cleaning company?
Question Author
Thanks for all the answers everyone.
In regards to why I didn't go to my manager if i had done so they would have taken it to the building manager and they would have been in a lot of trouble.

I didnt think for a second their own company would report it to the building manager instead
If what the cleaners have done is dangerous, why would your line-manager get into trouble for reporting it?

Question Author
Sorry Mark what I meant is if I reported it to my line manager the cleaners would have got in a lot of trouble. I assumed their company would ask them to remove the items not forward the email to the building manager.

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Can I Get Sacked For Making A Anonymous Complaint?

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