Residence Permit - Restriction

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JBW1366 | 11:45 Mon 16th May 2022 | Jobs & Education
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I have recently interviewed a Nigerian lady for a vacant position in my company - care home But she has a residence permit which states - RESTRICTED WORK NO WORK AS SPORTS PERSON.

Does that mean she can work unrestricted - or only as a sportsperson?


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Check with DWP, you don't want to end up for the high jump.
It would be a Home Office matter rather than DWP.

You can call their employer helpline 0300 790 6268
Thanks for that TCL, don't let a lame gag get in the way of accuracy. :-)
It sounds quite clear to me.

If you want to employ her as a sports person, you can't.
Otherwise, go ahead.
Agree that it is ambiguous - you need to check.
DOUGIE, that joke wasn't even mobile, let alone lame...
it seems such a random restriction!
might as well say "can't work as an astronaught"

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Residence Permit - Restriction

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