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paulklinitz | 22:43 Mon 02nd May 2022 | Jobs & Education
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I received a reply back to my thank you after an interview. I was thanked for coming in and that he enjoyed listening to me talk about my experiences. then he said best of luck in “ everything education”…;) is this a good sign? I received a reply back 30 mins after I sent the thank you on a Friday! It was 418 on a Friday after work hours when he replied back. Why the “ “ quotation marks and ;) face

Do you think he’s hinting they enjoyed me and I can hear from them soon for round 2?


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Nope, move on.
I think you have to wait for the
' no we dont want you' note
which seems on its way

and..... good luck in "everything education !"
try try try again
the quotation marks and ;) face seem a bit unusual! you never know, although i'm not sure why he's saying best of luck if they are planning to share good news..
I love this thread here. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

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