Student Finance - Foundation Year & Year Abroad (Erasmus)

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moonknight | 22:50 Tue 26th Apr 2022 | Jobs & Education
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Hi so, I took a foundation year and got student finance for that, now I've been accepted into the study abroad program for a year (the erasmus program) and haven't been given information regarding funding.

Would I be eligible for student finance for the year abroad if I received it for the foundation year and if not does the erasmus program offer funding to help with the study abroad if I did the foundation year?

The study abroad isn't part of my degree program (law + a foundation year)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much!

*I am going to my student hub but I can't get to uni until Friday and I'm just trying to see if I can get half a clue as to what is going on in terms of finance


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I think you have to find your own finance
You might be better asking the finance office in your university.
Though you can't get to the university until Friday, maybe you could ring them?
They would be in a position to access your student records and give you an answer based on your individual circumstances.
Finance available tends to differ according to financial needs, position within the degree programme and sometimes academic achievement, although this rule can differ in its application in different universities.
Also, the way you spell "program" makes me think you are US based (UK spelling is "programme".
This is a UK website, so any advice given is likely to be based on the UK experience.
Good luck with your Erasmus application. Your year of study abroad will be of immense value to you.

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Student Finance - Foundation Year & Year Abroad (Erasmus)

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