Housekeeping/Cleaning.the Next Level...examples....

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Viol8t | 21:02 Thu 06th Jan 2022 | Jobs & Education
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I'm in the middle of my svq 2, I've done most of it, it's just example she wanting but when I've have them to her she wants more,she want more examples...either how to use them or when you would need to use them,here's a few she wants:

Preparations - protect vulnerable surrounding areas (1/2)
Checking methods - supervisory check (0/1)
Prepare for deep cleaning - protecting vulnerable surrounding areas (0/1)

Anything I've said she wants more,it's like with my performance for example she thinks we take deliveries from the driver when it's the office accepts them,here's other examples she wants:

Promote brand/organisational values and guidelines inside and outside the organisation (1/2)
Receive deliveries of housekeeping supplies and check that they 're not damaged and are within their use-by-date (1/2)
Keep receiving areas clean,tidy,hygienic and secure(1/2)
Issue housekeeping supplies ensuring that they are handled in line with manufacturers instructions (0/2)
Follow stock rotation and issuing procedures (0/2)

These are some examples I need,I've already answered them before but she wants more,it's like my brain just can't take it anymore,I've already answered them and still she wants more,I've got some to answered but these are a few just for now...


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Housekeeping/Cleaning.the Next Level...examples....

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