Problems In A New City.

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Fatemah | 13:21 Wed 17th Nov 2021 | Jobs & Education
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It has been one week here in Germany and in a week I lost 3 times. Whenever I go alone, I get lost somewhere and then I ask people to help me, like from where I will get my bus and where is this location.

Now, this is making me so stressed and I feel like I can’t survive in this city without someone’s help.
Please anyone can share any tip with me that how to remember places, names and how to keep them in my mind.
This is a very small city and I’m facing difficulties and I am thinking about how I will survive in a big city.
Thank you for your time.


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google maps?
fatemah, please dont panic - YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB.
They say that getting lost is a good way of helping you to fix locations in your brain so see the getting lost as an opportunity raher than a problem. Always keep your address and some money and the number for a taxi firm to hand and npthing disasterous will occur
It gets easier as your memory creates its own 'Map' of places you have seen. When you have time, just explore you're neighbourhood, looking at unusual things that will be easier to remember. You may have something like a sat nav on your phone if not find a map app, it is fun learning about new places. Stay safe!
Rather than getting overwhelmed, remember small bits at a time. For instance, memorise how to get to and from your university or work. Next add in a trip to the park or shops and memorise that. Even people brought up in big cities can get lost -no big deal. Small steps.
See if these links help:

Information on bus services to and from the University of Siegen:

Siegen bus route map:

Bus timetables:

Call into the Tourist Information Centre (Rathaus, Markt 2, 0900-1700, Mon-Fri) and pick up a map of the city (or seek out one from a bookshop). Find places on it that are important to you and mark them on the map, then use the bus timetables to plan out theoretical journeys between them.

Simply saying words out loud can help you to remember them. (Don't worry about it looking as if you're talking to yourself. With nearly everyone using mobile phones and Bluetooth earpieces these days, it looks perfectly normal!). So, for example, say "Bushaltestelle" out loud when you see Siegen's main bus station, and look around as you do so. It should help you remember both what it is and where it is.

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Problems In A New City.

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