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phleb | 15:31 Sun 17th Oct 2021 | Jobs & Education
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I applied to college for the health science course I have no prior qualifications so was told I could do the pre access course, then go on to do the access course. I booked an appointment to go and enrol and they were full. I applied way before everyone else and they just disregarded me. Now they tell me I should do my gcse maths and English. Enrolment says have passed and I can’t even do that. I’m so upset, angry and disappointed. Life is crap at the moment and I’m trying to make myself something. It feels the system is not helping. My question is is there anywhere I can enrol to gcse math and English at this time - funded by the government scheme. The colleague told me because I have no former qualifications I can get the course for free. I have enquired and everyone says they are now full.


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tough to get it for free. Why did you not get it at school when it was free?
The window of opportunity closed this year on 8th Oct. That's when schools and colleges did their census for student numbers. Not many colleges will enrol after this date as they won't get funding for you. Call around though, as some might be more benevolent than others. And bear in mind that the courses probably started in early Sept, so you will have catch up to do.

The next round of GCSE Maths & English exams are being sat this November.
Most GCSE courses for adults run over an educational year. (i.e. starting in September). There are very few, if any, that commence later on. So, for example, the free GCSE Mathematics course at Suffolk New College, near to me, is already nearly half a term in, with enrolment having taken place back in August:

So it's possible/likely that you might have to wait until the next academic year before you can commence your studies. Sorry :(

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