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Fatemah | 07:30 Fri 01st Oct 2021 | Jobs & Education
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Hello everyone! Please anyone can proofread my email. I sent my visa application documents to German authorities via email and they said, in your email, there was no document attached and requested me to submit it again. I just want to confirm if they have received my documents or not. Thank you.

Dear sir,

I apologize to write you again.
I have called you yesterday to just confirm if you have received my documents or not, but due to bad weather conditions, my call was disconnected.
However, I would like to know if this time you have received my documents and please let me know if there is anything which I still need to provide you.



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I'm not the best to advise on spelling & grammer but I do believe in keeping things short & simple.
No need to apologise IMO, just get to the point.
"I tried calling yesterday..." (altho am not sure this is necessary)
If your replying to their email just a simple one liner saying "please let me know whether you have now received my documents and whether you need anything else"
Dear Sir/Madam

Would you please confirm receipt of my visa application documents, and advise me of anything else I need to send.

Yours faithfully

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