Would It Be Rude To Tell My Them In The Interview That I Made A Mistake Agreeing To My Hours?

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Cindy1302 | 15:15 Wed 25th Aug 2021 | Jobs & Education
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I had an interview a couple days ago. I was asked what days I can work. I said all days of the week. That was a mistake because I have things to take care of like get a hair cut and have my car worked on. I have a second interview today and I was gonna mention that I made a mistake agreeing to working everyday. Would that be rude?


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Sorry for the typo
Thing is when you work you fit your hair, car, etc round the job not the other way round. I don't think an employer would be impressed if you asked for that.
Do you mean that you can work on any day; as opposed to working 7 days a week ?
Did the job description say how many hours/days the job entailed?
A lot of people take a day's leave to deal with things like that....
you dont do your hair or get your car worked on every day or even every week so maybe you need to think about if these things should stop a job progression

we all have stuff to do as well as work jobs but without the job how will you get your hair done or get our car worked on? prioritize
The reasons you've given would sound trivial and would go against you. If you said something new had turned up and you can't do one certain day you might be OK but to suggest you would be taking random days off, do you really think they would employ you??
A reality check is needed here. I assume you mean week days and not weekends that you will be working. You arrange your haircut for a Saturday. Your car won't need working on every week. After working a couple of weeks or a month maybe ask to come in later one day to take your car to a garage. Get a bus or taxi to work or a ride from someone. A responsible person arranges these things around work hours. If you want a job ou have to show you are responsible and can get your priorities in the right order
you can do those things on your weekends...
You will get days off!
What s happened on this cindy?
Cindy, You will not be prepared to work every single day. What you agreed to was the fact there was no particular day that you could not work -for instance there might have been a Tuesday, every Tuesday, that you were not available, that you would have needed to mention. You will need to verify how many hours you will be expected to work, how many a day, and if those days are preset or on a zero hours contract. You cannot pass on a job because you may need your hair cut or your car fixed!

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Would It Be Rude To Tell My Them In The Interview That I Made A Mistake Agreeing To My Hours?

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