Should I Just Go To My Job Interview Tomorrow Without Calling To Figure Out What's Going On?

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Cindy1302 | 01:00 Wed 25th Aug 2021 | Jobs & Education
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I had a job interview yesterday and was sent home to an email to do my background check. Im still in the process I think because im a bit confused. I called the lady who interviewed me several times for help. I tried calling her again today but she didn't answer so I left a message. She hasn't gotten back to me but I dont want to call again and pester her. I got an email just a little bit ago reminding me I have another interview tomorrow at 11:00. I would call to clarify but like I said. I dont want to pester her more. Should I just show up to the interview and see what happens? I dont know if the email was sent by mistake or not.


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Yes just show up and tell them you tried contacting about the background checks but no one answered it would be better than not showing up if you needed to i would of thought can you take proof that you tried to call? Can they help you with checks when youre there?
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I went there today for some help. She helped me but when I got home, I was confused again. Thats when I called and I didn't get an answer then thats when I received an email saying I have another interview.
I'd consider replying to the email you're received, along the following lines:

"Thank for your your email. I wasn't expecting another interview so soon, so I would be grateful if you could confirm that your email wasn't sent in error. However, If I don't hear from you before 1100, I will of course attend for a further interview at that time."
Maybe they want to discuss something from the background check?

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Should I Just Go To My Job Interview Tomorrow Without Calling To Figure Out What's Going On?

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