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eve1974 | 11:40 Fri 30th Jul 2021 | Jobs & Education
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So husband n I had (joint) interview to manage private estate. We really love the sound of this job. (PS we've been similar on another estate but this is a step up)

Anyway interview went well. We know it is between us and another couple (we are at 2nd interview stage).

But my mistake (I think) was when they asked us our salary expectations I went in too high. Dunno why I quoted the figure I did (!!!) as we had already agreed (husb, myself and employment agency) on the ballpark. It was a slip of the tongue. It wasn't exorbitantly high for the role but higher than what the agent suggested. I immediately realised my error and followed up with "but for the right role we will be very flexible salary wise". hope I haven't ruined our chances?!

Ive followed it up with a courtesy "thank you email" for the interviewers time etc and I guess nowt to do but wait.


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I doubt their decision will be based entirely on your salary requirements...more on whether you are the right couple.
Wishing you luck!
Hope things turn out well for you.
hope and wait and pray
hope it goes well
I don't think that will make any difference, best of luck.

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