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Fatemah | 11:46 Thu 29th Jul 2021 | Jobs & Education
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Hi everyone! Anyone can proofread this email which I have to send to my professor.


Dear ABC,

I apologize, I forgot to mention that I’m writing my term paper for the Qualitative research course. I will write my paper on voting behavior in the 2018 elections in Egypt and also I have modified my topic “Egypt Elections 2018 and Electoral Behavior: A case study of ideology as a guiding principle for change in the voting pattern”.

Please let me know if any changes are required to the topic and if this topic is related to the course.

Thanks and regards,


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Removing the comma after apologize and inserting the word 'but' would make the first sentence read better.
If "Egypt . . . pattern" is the title of your new topic then adding the word 'to' before 'Egypt' would make it clearer.
'Please let me know if this topic is relevant for the course or if any changes to it are needed.' would be a better wording for your last sentence.
I think it would be correct grammar to have a comma even if you add 'but'.

Personally I would start with 'I do apologise, but...' I would also use 'I am' in full in the first sentence to emphasise that is what you are doing. You could change the second 'my' to 'the' as you have already introduced it as yours.

You could also consider splitting the second sentence into two.

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