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Needanswers7777 | 11:38 Mon 21st Jun 2021 | Jobs & Education
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I'm a Moroccan citizen. I applied for a job in the Intercontinental hotel, London as a hobby, because I was almost certain that no one would employ me.
I'm quite educated, but I'm not very experienced. I'm 21, having various MOOCs from HarvardX, SorbonneX and Leeds university through FutureLearn, I'm currently getting an A levels certificate from Oxford university, I'm majoring in fisheries science and minoring in acting.
I used to be a translator in a few important companies in my country. I speak in 5 languages.
During the job interview I asked for a 1000 pound salary and the position of the assistant manager.

Here's the last email I've received from this company:

"Dear Job Applicant:
(My name)

We are sending you this message in respect to your received resume and your answered interview Question, with the approval of the board of directors of Intercontinental Hotels; we are delighted t oformally offer you employment to work with us.

Meanwhile you are requested to fill and return the short form below and also send us a scanned copy of your identification and academic credentials within 48 hours.

Job Offered: Assistant Manager

Monthly Salary: £5,000 pounds.

Full Name:


Residential Address:


Present Company:

Job Position:

Passport Copy:

Birth Certificate:

Education Certificates:

Once you reply back we shall guide you on how to process your visa and other documents there in your country, do have in mind that you will be responsible for your visa processing.

And we are promising you that once you arrive here in London all the expenses you made will be returned back to you and a two months’ salary also will be given. Your reply is our priority and we look forward to welcoming you here in our company,

Once again, thank you for applying for employment from Intercontinental Hotel UK.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Raymond Clark,
Human Res Manager.


This sounds too good to be true. How can I make sure I'm not dealing with a human trafficker?!?

I'm a female.


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This sounds very much like a scam to me, sorry. How was the interview undertaken and have you been asked for any monies?
Looks dodgy to me. Take care. Who did you send application to? Ring the hotel on there true number
This is from IHG's official website:

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts has been made aware of advertisements and communications sent from bogus employment agencies falsely claiming to recruit on behalf of InterContinental Hotels & Resorts and our branded hotels to attract job applicants, often from overseas.

The fraudsters often ask potential applicants to complete bogus recruitment documentation, such as application forms, terms and conditions of employment or visa forms. The InterContinental Hotels & Resorts name and logo, hotel brand logos or photographs of our hotels are often featured on the documentation without our permission.

Please note that InterContinental Hotels & Resorts does not ask for any payments from candidates during the recruitment process, such as for insurance policies, visas, work permits or temporary accommodation etc.
If you have a question about the accuracy or legitimacy of any job offer, or if you receive a fraudulent job offer or posting, please contact [email protected]

To apply for legitimate IHG jobs, click the ‘Search and Apply’ button at the top of the page.
InterContinental Hotels & Resorts discourages anyone from making unsolicited offers of employment claiming to be on our behalf or our branded hotels.
No, I take it back - it doesn't 'sound' like a scam, it IS a scam. Stay well away from this...and warn others if you can.
In the UK its CVs not Resume

Also - if you've given your details already, why are they asking for it again!

And the last bit that looks dodgy - why put Human Res Manager - it should be Human Resources Manager

I suspect you would then be asked to pay for stuff to process your application.
Ring the hotel!
So much too good to be true and great advice from previous posters. The salary is also ridiculously high for an asst hotel manager. Must be disappointing for you.
Sounds like a scam thats a lot of money a month too good to be true maybe?
Do not give them your bank details, credit card details etc and just DO NOT REPLY! Only deal direct with the Hotel.
None of that rings true - terrible English too - but they're using the name of a genuine employee of Intercontinental. Highly suspicious. I would report it to Intercontinental.
And as has been said, don't respond to it in any way whatsoever. Don't do anything except report it.
Clearly not genuine - no hotel would employ you without appropriate experience, and references, and 'they' haven't asked for either.
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Hey. Thanks guys. You were all absolutely helpful. I rang the hotel and found out this was a fraud.

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