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Fatemah | 08:15 Sun 02nd May 2021 | Jobs & Education
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Hello everyone! My study has been rejected by German Embassy and now Embassy wants me to reapply for my visa. I wrote an email to my university and request them if they can issue me few letters which can make my application strong. I would appreciate if someone can proofread my email. I have uploaded my email draft on google docs and I'm sharing its link here.


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Sorry I forgot to add "my study visa"
I have printed your letter and will have a go at proof reading it, (I was an English teacher). Could you please explain what you mean by " one prescence letter", I am taking it to mean that you are actually registered at the university. Or do you mean you want confirmation that you have regularly attended? ( P.S. prescence is spelt presence).
It might have had a edit since you posted but the document says, "one presence letter" which is the correct spelling.
Dear Madam,
I am a student in the second semester of COURSE NAME, currently studing online. My attendance is almost 100% [perhaps explain why its not 100%], and I undertake regular assignments.

From July physical attendance is required at the university.

My inital visa application has been refused.

I am resubmitting my visa application and would appreciate it if the university can provide a letter of recommendation from my course professors and one presence letter [do you mean proof of attendance?], along with any other supporting documentation which would aid my visa application.

Please let me know if you know any further information.

Yours faithfully
For Calda49 (if you're still interested in offering a draft document now that Tuvok has already provided one):
My understanding is that Fatemah is in Egypt but she has been accepted to study for a higher degree at the University of Siegen. Up until now, due to Covid, she has been able to study remotely but she needs to physically attend classes from July. She therefore needs a student visa for Germany.

As Tuvok has effectively indicated, the term 'presence letter' has no clear meaning in English. Her suggestion of "proof of attendance" is far better (if that's what you actually mean, of course).

Tuvok's draft looks fine to me, except that it would be wise to include the name of the university and possibly to specifically mention that you've been studying remotely up until now. (e.g. "I am enrolled on the Master's 'Roads to Democracy' programme at the University of Siegen. Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, I have been able to undertake the studies for my first semester remotely but, as from July of this year, I will be required to attend the University in person").
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Hi - Yes you are right, I'm from Egypt and enrolled in a German university last year, however, due to covid I was taking my classes online, but for the second semester, I have to travel to Germany. I applied for my visa and unfortunately it is rejected by Embassy and now Embassy wants me to reapply visa. However, my second semester is also started just a couple of weeks ago and again I'm taking my online classes, but from July all students must be in Germany. I'm going to apply for my visa again and requesting my university if they issue me any letter which will support my visa application, for example, a letter of recommendation it will address to Egyptian Embassy and it states that I'm a regular student of the university and enrolled in the second semester of my course, my regular in class, and participating regularly in my assignments, and from July university required a physical attendance so kindly embassy issue me a visa so it wont effect my studies.
Hi Fatemeh
good luck with all this

The Egyptians ( mainly qenawi and qufti) treated me very kindly when I was there - in 1978 !

The confusion I think may arise because حضر is used for present as well as attend. "حضر !" is used from school up, to show that someone is present. We would say that that was about attending.

Good luck with your application.

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