A Power Play During An Interview?

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DonaldDuck92 | 20:05 Fri 19th Feb 2021 | Jobs & Education
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Was on a Zoom call for a job interview yesterday. The person I was speaking to would be junior than me within the company but someone I would work with.

We were talking about my CV and he said that he wanted to point out that there was two full stops at the end of a sentence in my cv (obviously accidental from my part). I thought it very odd that someone felt the need to point out something so trivial.

I thanked the person for pointing this out and complimented their attention to detail.

Is this a power play on their part? Or something else?


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Exactly - that’s what I liked to do at interviews to idiots who would ask stupid questions like “what type of animal/fruit/newspaper would you be?”
Me: // Why were you being interviewed by someone who would be your junior should you get the job? How strange.//

Bednobs: // its not been usual in any job ive ever applied for//

I find that very hard to believe. You are being interviewed for a managerial position by a Junior assistant admin? You are being interviewed for a Matron by a junior nurse? You are being interviewed for a managerial position in a bank by a cashier clerk?
Errr...bednobs said it's NOT been usual...
im not surprised you find it hard to believe seeing as didnt say it :)
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It's not unusual for junior team members to be involved in the interview process for scenarios such as new roles being created, if they are currently working with some of the key stakeholders you would be working with, if you would be working with them closely so your having a chemistry session as part of the hiring process, if they will be working on projects impacted by what you do...any number of reasons.

In this case I just found it interesting that someone would point this double full stop out. It was clearly a typo on my part and plays no part as to my capabilities to do the job. It's very clear from my CV that I'm very experienced and both parties knew it on the call.
Things have changed a lot in the interviewing game.

Maybe explains why so many roasters are in positions of power and authority over us in our daily lives where 30 years ago they'd be putting out the bins.

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A Power Play During An Interview?

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