How Long Should My Essay Be?

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Yeetthefrog | 03:00 Sat 28th Nov 2020 | Jobs & Education
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I have an essay to write with broad word count specifications:
2,000-10,000. What should I consider to determine the best length for what I am going to write? It is about first responders’ interactions with cancer patients of different backgrounds.


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"What should I consider to determine the best length for what I am going to write?"

You can't possibly be serious...
However many it makes to get across what you want to say without padding or waffle simples!
Enough to cover the subject
It depends from your information, you can write at the topic and have only 2000 words or you can write 8000 but it won't be at topic.
write what you feel you need to say then count up how many words it is.
The standard length of an essay depends on the amount of time you have. If you have time constraints, choose an essay format based on split proofs and try to write 4-5 paragraphs . For essays without a rush, you can use other formats that are not limited to proof splitting. I will not post them here.

The length of the essay is determined by the person issuing the assignment and should be part of the assignment instructions. If your instructions do not tell you anything, ask your teacher.
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How Long Should My Essay Be?

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