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fatema | 11:10 Wed 25th Nov 2020 | Jobs & Education
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Hi all, I have to write an email to my teacher, that i mistakenly did someone other's task instead of doing my task and want to confirm him should i delete this task from online portal and or leave it. Please can someone read proofread my email.
Thank you.
Dear sir,
I have noticed that I made a mistake in writing my assignment and I presented assignment and I was supposed to submit my assignment on “Topic” on 22 January. I would like to know should I delete this assignment entry from portal or should I leave this now.
I say sorry on my mistake and I hope next time I will be careful.



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On 22nd January I mistakenly submitted the 'Topic' assignment of Mr ABC instead of my own. Should I delete it from the portal?

Please accept my apologies for this error and my assurance that I shall be more careful in future.

Kind regards
You definitely don't want to just hope that you will do better next time :-O
If it doesn't have to be in till January delete it and submit yours

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