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fatema | 12:49 Mon 02nd Nov 2020 | Jobs & Education
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Hello everyone! I wrote here sometimes ago that I lost my job and fortunately I got my new job, and I started my online classes as well (Many of you know that I got admission in German university but due to covid i could not go and I'm attending my first semester online from my home country) Actually I have conflict with my one class timings and with work hours and now I want to write an email to professor and want to tell him my problem, So please can someone proofread my email, thanks.

Dear Sir,

I'm very excited to start my online class with you and I'm aware of the importance of "Class name" during my studies, however i would like to discuss my issue here, that I have conflicts with my class timings and with my work hours, My work hours are 9am - 6pm, and the class will start at 10:15am(German class timings) it's means here time will (my country time). I'm sorry to tell you that we are not allowed to use mobile and other communication apps during our work hours even we can't open them on our computers, so I want to know is there other class timings are available except 10:15am, or I want to know how many times i can skip my class during the month or during the semester, or if couldn't take classes regularly, do it will effect on my semester report? and If I skip my class in any case, do we have access of recorded lectures. or is there any other way to present in the lectures.

I'm planning to resign from job, because I only want to focus on my studies. but unfortunately i have to serve my two months notice period before leaving the company and during this time it will difficult to present in the class.

I would appreciate your corporation in this matter.

Thanks and regards,

I'm sorry everyone I know I made too much mistakes in this email, but i tired to wrote well.
thank you again :)


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That email is far too long (I work in a University and this is the type of query that I would deal with.

I would put something like:

Dear Sir

I have noticed that I have a conflict on my timetable for "class name" as I am currently scheduled in a class at 10:15am however I have work at this time. Is there a class at any other time that I could attend instead? If not, are the lectures recorded so that I can catch up when I have finished work? Will this affect my attendance record?

I am currently working my notice period at work so will soon be able to attend classes at this time however at the moment, am not able to.


I obviously work in a UK university rather than a German one however we would expect full time students to be available during 'normal' hours and work would come second.

We also have international students working from home at the moment and so all our lectures are recorded because it is not always possible for students to attend live due to time differences depending on which country they are in.

I definitely would not ask how many classes you can skip per semester.
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well I will thank you cheeky chops as noone else will

and yes I agree ( too long) - put what you want in the first sentence

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