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Mkatcommander | 12:34 Sun 25th Oct 2020 | Jobs & Education
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Hi I’m wondering if there’s anyone out there that will be able to help me. 3 weeks ago I fell into the machine I work on at work, we walk on top of 6mm slats that span the bed of the machine this is normal practice, except for when H&S are around and the manager runs down to tell us Tony to do it while their there. I injured my leg and was taken to hospital,, with a suspected broken leg ( thankfully it wasn’t ). I wondering if I’d be able to claim as I’ve been off 3 weeks with no pay just SSP. This had nothing to do with living in a claim culture is just like to get back my wages that I think I should have been paid . Thank you in advance


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Was a proper record made of the injury at work? That is a legal requirement the employer must abide by.

If you are told not to do it when H&S are there then you do have the basis for a claim for loss of earnings, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of your normal activities.

You have 3 years to make a claim so there is no need to be hasty - far better to take your time and make sure everything is in place before you consult a solicitor or your union rep.

Take photos of your injuries - and the scene. If no photos were taken at the time maybe a colleague could take photos for you. These should show the machine, the slats and if possible people walking on them (the faces can be blurred).

Keep a detailed record of everything - hospital appointments, doctors appointments, prescriptions, the progress of your injury including pain levels. Also, every penny you spend on travel to the appointments, prescriptions and everything else connected to the incident. Record everything you have been unable to do because of the accident. Have you had to cancel social events, ask for help for day to day tasks?

I don't suppose you're in a union?
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I have photos of all the things you said they have cameras everywhere too so the incident will be recorded, thank you for your reply
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Yes I’m in the union
Was the injury logged in the accident book or equivalent?
Contact your union rep.
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all been recorded in the accident book. Thank you for your answers, I wanted to know where I stood before I go back into tomorrow, like you said you said there’s 3 years to claim
As well as paying you full wages, I hope they change the practice too now. To protect yourself and your colleagues from further injuries, you should insist on a better solution to walking on the slats and go to the local council H&S executive is they don't.
keep in touch with your union rep, you don't have to fight this sort of thing alone.
have you not raised the unsafe practices with your union before?
Surely since you went to hospital, HSE should have been informed under the RIDDOR regs. It is both a dangerous occurrence, and you have been off work for more than seven days?

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Work Related Injury

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