Ita And Ito At Primary School?

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daz1969 | 13:15 Fri 23rd Oct 2020 | Jobs & Education
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As a child of the 70's, I can remember something called ITA or ITO at primary school, it was something to do with learning? But obviously it didn't teach me much because I can't remember it - does anyone else remember anything like this? I'd say it's mid 70's plus.


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Initial Teaching Alphabet, using phonetic symbols. It was a complete flop and responsible for much of the poor spelling we see today.
In 1968 when I was six we moved from Kent to Harlow and although the infant school I was to attend was using ITA, because I had already had 2 odd years of the proper alphabet I didn't have to use it, thank goodness. Mind you I can still remember what some of it looked like and I have no idea how I was taught one set of things whilst my classmates were taught another.
I learnt using ITA, like jackdaw wrote, my spelling is awful. The blackboard was divided into two, for those who had progressed past Janet & John, and did was called ordinary (normal reading and writing). It didn't last past the mid seventies here on the Wirral. If you don't pronounce the word correctly then misspelling it is easy. I was 16 and doing my geography O level before I knew I was spelling temperature wrong (I spelt it tempreture). It was quite a divisive system of learning especially if, like me, you were slow on the uptake.

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Ita And Ito At Primary School?

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