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rockyracoon | 12:25 Sat 03rd Oct 2020 | Jobs & Education
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Does anyone know of a speed writing course that is quick to learn?

I’ve been offered another role alongside my main position, but it will involve taking minutes. Now I’m not too bad at doing them, but this role will entail a much greater level of accuracy, so I’d like to know that if I take it on, I’ll not let my employers down.


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will you be writing or typing?
also will you be in person or doing it in teams/zoom/skype?
Can't you use a recording device to help with your usual written notes?
If you can record the meeting but I did a number of courses on minute taking which made it clear that minutes should briefly summarise and be non attributive. No he said, she said, so you may be worrying too much. Simple notes should be more than adequate. Verbatim or direct quote minutes are rarely needed and in which case a video recording is a better bet anyway.
// Can't you use a recording device to help with your usual written notes?//
this is what is usually done
there is a legal case where the judge says he sees no difference to a secty taking minutes and a recording a mtg

virtually no one as a result does short hand ( where I worked )
Pitman's shorthand.
// courses on minute taking which made it clear that minutes should briefly summarise and be non attributive. //

well of course the payer dictates what he wants

I "did" a works disciplinary wh I thought was pretty obviously going to appeal and then on to outside - where they had two disciplinary protocols together simultaneously ["I have no idea which one they are using this time"], The secty was taking fast handwriting notes and had had no instruction on what to note during a disciplinary so was what she was writing a fair and balanced account?

result - the kinda let him off....

attendance notes - I used to listen and then transcribe from memory after I left the room - clearly it had to be transacted in around 15 mins.

horses for courses
I think it might be worth asking what kind of minutes they want? Some people only want bullet point summaries under the agenda headings...sometimes there is a standard template. If people come with progress reports then copies can be added to very brief minutes as appendices which can work point worrying till you have the detail...and yes, for real detail a recording is best.
and yeah...unless you are going to cover the various types and pros and cons of each, or the course is for a specific purpose and can ignore other kinds, its not going to help. I am a bit surprised at the non attributable bit?
yes no woof
that is one style - when one of my many awful heads of department (all awful but in different ways (*)) said they should be unattributable, and only record conclusions we all thought that it must meant he never wanted to take respobsibility for anything. And we werent far wrong. but that is a recognised style

(*) Tolstoy - "each happy fambly is the same but an unhappy family is unhappy in different ways" and god he should know - he made heavy weather of his marriage
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There will be video meetings if the pandemic continues, so that won't be too bad as I can hit the record button. Not sure if they'll be comfortable with having a recording device in face to face meetings, but it would certainly make life easier. I'll probably be writing as opposed to typing, but think typing might be quicker.

I'll have to have a little practice, I think.

Thanks for all your replies.

yes indeed PP been there, I was commenting on rowanwitch's comment that she had been on many courses and always been taught this. I also have learned that who writes the minutes controls the meeting as most people there can't actually remember what they agreed to anyway...which can be useful!
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