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hannah40 | 16:51 Wed 30th Sep 2020 | Jobs & Education
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My a Daughter is in upper 6 . She is taking A levels in Drama and French and Spanish.
She would like to go to drama school to study drama further next September but I have no idea where or how to get some one in to drama school also cost.
Any one been through this.


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what does her careers advisor suggest?
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Woofgang her careers advisor to be a public translator as she is good with languages so we thought if we heard of any drama schools ourself Ruby would go back to her adviser and inform her that she would rather go forward in drama than languages. But we don’t live in London and there are none on the south coast.
Although this link is for London, it gives an idea of costs and ways to fund it.
Maybe the question you should be asking is ‘how many people leave drama school and pursue a career in their chosen field’?
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Not many. I accept and understand that . I’m making enquiries and may be will go back to what careers advise public translator but I don’t know where she would go next for that either.
Maybe the poster can ask whatever question she likes?

I would look into Uni courses that include Drama, that way she will get funded and maybe will be interested in something to do with acting but not necessarily acting.
If there are none in your area, it depends where she is willing to move to. I know a few people at drama schools here doing qualifications, although most of them started at about 3 years old. It is expensive though.
And maybe the person answering can answer how they like without someone else sticking their oar in?
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Thanks aunt Polly grey . Maybe that’s what we’re look into uni.
I asked as this is the first child I have had that is clever so I’m trying to look into what career she would like to do so I can offer her suggestions as any mum would.
No I would not stop you answering how you like that up to you. You don't, however, have the right to tell someone what their question should be do you?
Where a drama school is a registered provider with the Office for Students, and is running courses at first degree level, their students are eligible for the same funding (i.e. student loans) that all other under-graduate students are. However, instead of applying through UCAS, applications to drama schools are made directly through auditions.

Many of the UK's leading drama schools have come together to form the Federation of Drama Schools. Information about the courses offered by FDS institutions can be found here:

There are other drama schools, that are not FDS members, that are worth considering as well. See here:

>>> But we don’t live in London and there are none on the south coast

I can't really see what that's got o do with it. Back in my teaching days, when I was advising 6th form students about their future studies I always told them that they should never consider anywhere within easy travelling distance of their parents' home. (I usually suggested an absolute minimum distance of 100 miles from home). If students are to get the best out of the social side of their lives they need to be where they're not tempted (or pressurised) to return home at weekends. So your daughter ought to be looking at cities such as Birmingham or Manchester for her studies, rather than staying close to home.
Does it have to be drama school? Some universities have drama academies?

What is her ultimate aim (appreciate things can change), to work on stage or TV and film, acting, musical theatre...?
Auntpollyg, sherrardk has answered it in the way he/she wanted, as
have you. Maybe am speaking out of turn but a think we just need to chill abit when answering on here as some people seem to like looking to having digs
Hannah my middle daughter did a degree in Film and Drama studies (however it was in Vancouver) she enjoyed it but never went into the profession as it seemed to be a closed shop. Uni would be a good choice as the various modules could give her some career ideas. Good Luck!
bobbinwales such wise words from someone so new to AB lol!
Question Author
Thank you.
People can answer how they please but it is nice if your going to answer with useful info other wise it wouldn’t be worth my time asking.
Has she done sixth form Alevels or will this be part of the drama school? Hurtwood House near Dorking offers Alevels in all areas of performing arts. 5 nephews and nieces went there and on to drama schools afterwards. One to Middlesex Uni and one to Mountview, this one specialised in lighting, sound and stage management and spent many years working on Cats.
Lots of unis offer theatre arts courses. You need to chose an area where she would like to live and then research what is available in that area
Just noticed you said she is doing A level now. Then any of the theatre arts schools or Unis offering theatre arts would be good. She needs to think what area she is most interested in Musical theatre, drama, stage management, sound lighting, stage design or costume design.

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