Pta Ways To Make Money During Covid

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Chasingcars | 11:29 Mon 28th Sep 2020 | Jobs & Education
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Interested in hearing from anyone who is involved with school PTA groups and how you are managing to raise funds during the last 6 months with covid limiting normal events. Has anyone done any virtual events? Other fundraisers that have been successful?Thanks in advance.


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ours are doing a quiz night
I know nothing about PTA fundraising, per se. (The school I taught at didn't have a PTA, as the headteacher had a total loathing of all such groups, regarding them as nothing more than interfering busybodies).

However there seem to be lots of AB members who pay to enter charity-run quizzes which are advertised to, and open to, anyone in the world (rather than just to members of the actual fund-raising group). The quiz-setters advertise such quizzes, free of charge, here on AB (in the 'monthly round-up' quiz threads), on this website and elsewhere.

Perhaps there's some money to be made for your PTA in the same way?

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Pta Ways To Make Money During Covid

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